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Risan- Kotor- Saint Stefan- Budva montenegro tour and airport transfer

Excursion to the southernmost fiord in Europe is the opportunity to explore all the uniqueness and natural beauty of the bay and to learn about its history, culture, architecture…

This trip starts with a visit to Risan. Risan is the oldest settlement in Montenegro, and was a commercial and trading center even in times of Ilyr tribes. The Romans left a significant trace and numerous palaces with Greek marble, sculptures and mosaics are the best witnesses of this. The most famous are Roman Mosaics (of Roman God Hypnos) that originate from the 2nd century AD. It is inevitable to visit Kotor, a town registered as a part of World Heritage and put under the protection of UNESCO. The old town of Kotor is one of the most preserved in the whole region, hidden behind the 4 km long city walls which, illuminated by night, are shaped into a lion’s head.

After visiting Risan and Kotor, the following is the old town of Budva, with numerous churches, museums, galleries as well as shopping malls and different bars and coffee shops that create a unique and specific atmosphere. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy yourselves in the shade of old olive trees and with a picturesque view on St.Stefan, from the fifteenth century, nowadays known as Town-Hotel thus representing a truly recognizable landmark of Montenegrin tourism.

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