The Monastery of Ostrog

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A sacred place, a unique historical and cultural site, the proof of religion, culture and history of Montenegrin people; the Monastery of Ostrog is a place visited by millions of people every year, a place where miracles truly happen…

If there is one cultural, historical and religious monument that Montenegro is famous for, that is, undoubtedly, the Ostrog Monastery. The Ostrog Monastery, with the relics of St.Basil of Ostrog, the Miracle Worker, is the greatest sanctuary of Montenegro. It was built in 1650 and it consists of the Lower Monastery, the Upper Monastery and the Church of the Holy Martyr Stanko, a shepherd from the village Podvrace, Danilovgrad who was cut into pieces and killed by the Otomans because he refused to convert to Islam.

The Upper Monastery is located 900 m above sea level. It consists of two churches devoted to The Holy Cross and Our Lady (The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary) and it keeps the relics of St.Basil of Ostrog, which are known for their healing powers. The Lower Monastery is devoted to The Holy Trinity.
The Monastery is the most visited sanctuary in this area. It is visited by various types of believers, regardless of their confession. Magic and miracles that truly happen here have been retold ever since.

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