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Montenegro & Boka tour

Risan- Kotor- Saint Stefan- Budva

Excursion to the southernmost fiord in Europe is the opportunity to explore all the uniqueness and natural beauty of the bay and to learn about its history, culture, architecture…

This trip starts with a visit to Risan. Risan is the oldest settlement in Montenegro, and was a commercial and trading center even in times of Ilyr tribes. The Romans left a significant trace and numerous palaces with Greek marble, sculptures and mosaics are the best witnesses of this. The most famous are Roman Mosaics (of Roman God Hypnos) that originate from the 2nd century AD. It is inevitable to visit Kotor, a town registered as a part of World Heritage and put under the protection of UNESCO. The old town of Kotor is one of the most preserved in the whole region, hidden behind the 4 km long city walls which, illuminated by night, are shaped into a lion’s head.

Kotor- Cetinje- Njeguši

The program for this trip:

The gathering of this trip with some of our vehicles in the morning, at a determined time. We Travell on Adriatic road to the old town of Kotor which is under UNESCO protection. Kotor is a city with a history of over 2,000 years.

After a tour of Kotor with a tourist guide, we continue our trip to Kotor serpentines where we have stop in the most beautiful view point to take photos of the Boka Bay. Also, the break is predicted in the village Njeguši which has a special place in the history of Montenegro.
Geting to know a country means getting to know it’s gastronomy offer. For this reason, we take you to see the process of creation of the Montenegrin brand- Njeguška Proust, cheese (tasting).

Perast- Kotor- Tivat (Porto Montenegro)

Boka Bay is the corner of Mediterranean where magical encounter of many opposites continuously takes places in the most wonderful way. It takes up the largest part of the Adriatic sea (87 km), surrounded by 4 smaller bays of Herceg Novi, Risan, Kotor and Tivat. The Adriatic sea and the majestic Kotor bay rocks are touching, exploring and competing with each other.

This is evening tour started in 16h.

Meet Perast, a small tourist settlement, a former main harbor of the magnificent Venetian navy which is a pearl of the Bay. Together with two islands (Gospa od Skrpjela – Lady of the Rocks and Sveti Djordje – Saint George) it dares the passage of time and preserves originality. It is inevitable to visit Kotor, a town registered as a part of World Heritage and put under the protection of UNESCO. 

National parks , Canyons & Monasterys

Tara and Moraca canyons, Moraca monastery, Biogradska gora national park and Durmitor national park

The tour gives you an opportunity to make a roundtrip around the whole country and all that in only one day. The whole ride, together with numerous photo breaks (Moraca canyon and Tara canyon – the two most beautiful panoramic views in our country) will provide you with an experience you will remember all your life…

Montenegro canyons” is one of the most popular day trips we offer due to the fact that we make a circle around the whole country in only one day. We visit two canyons, the Moraca Monastery, the remarkable Tara Bridge and two national parks (Biogradska Gora and Durmitor). This tour will raise before your eyes the best of the wild beauty of Montenegro. First, you will visit Moraca Monastery, with its marvelous natural surrounding and with a church dedicated to Our Lady. Around the church, there are rooms where monks lead a humble life. Second, Biogradska Gora National Park will capture you with its brooks and coves, the Biogradsko Lake, its thousand years old woods and lawns, with the magnificence of natural beauty.

The Monastery of Ostrog

A sacred place, a unique historical and cultural site, the proof of religion, culture and history of Montenegrin people; the Monastery of Ostrog is a place visited by millions of people every year, a place where miracles truly happen…

If there is one cultural, historical and religious monument that Montenegro is famous for, that is, undoubtedly, the Ostrog Monastery. The Ostrog Monastery, with the relics of St.Basil of Ostrog, the Miracle Worker, is the greatest sanctuary of Montenegro. It was built in 1650 and it consists of the Lower Monastery, the Upper Monastery and the Church of the Holy Martyr Stanko, a shepherd from the village PodvraceDanilovgrad who was cut into pieces and killed by the Otomans because he refused to convert to Islam.